seit mehr als fünf Jahren immer in den Top Ten der Country Charts bei Reverb Nation 


Jay Wagner

Fair Play Country Music Award Winner in the Nederlands in November 2020. And proud to be 

Part of it.

Also 4 times Akadamie winner in Los Angeles. In 2018, 2019, 2020 und 2021. Also since 2023 a 

proud member at the Akadamie Hall of fame

I got my first guitar at the age of seven. It was a present from my cousin Adam from Bavaria. I 

took a couple of years lessons and sometime, somehow I started up listen and playing country 

music. I loved the sound of a banjo and pedal steel guitar. Many years back in the Nederlands, 

I've met my first producer Theo Peuyn and signed my first record contract with jaguar music in 

Bremen, Delmenhorst. " Holiday “ ( written by Drafi Deutscher ) & If you can't give me love was

my first recording and single.

I moved to L.A. California and played many bars and clubs for a couple of years.

 I've met Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers back in Hollywood.

Back in Germany I started playing in my first band CB Cattlemen. We've played many Shows for 

the german TV and many big festivals. But after a few years I found out I rather play on my own.

I produced a couple of songs at Amusika Record Company with Franz Trojan ( former Drummer 

of the Spider Murphy Gang ) .

„No more lies“ written by Charlie Ehlert and myself and „ Ace in the hand “ written by David 

Bonney and Johnny Meyer. A few songs I've recordet and they still be playing at the Reverb 

Nation Hitparade. 

In 2022 I've met Peter Jordan from Vienna / Austria and recorded his beautifull song 

„ such a day “ at World international record. This song is also placed at the Reverb Nation 

Hitparade and made it up to the top for many weeks.

I also recordet my first german song „ He mein Freund, mach mal eine Pause “ with my old pal 

Udo „ Stolli “ Stollberg, my friend since childhood.

I still love to write new songs and work with other musician and I sure hope it will last a long